I'm Lily, a 22 y.o. Philly film student. Occasionally, I enjoy things. I've spent unnecessary amounts of money on tattoos and finding ways to touch famous people.

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dedicated to ‘Huuump Day’-get me through this week David
I always take notes when I make gif sets (the back is filled)

I have instant anxiety over DD & GA communicating on the internet. Yes, it’s cute and shit and makes me happy, but damn I cringe when celebrities get directly (notice I said directly) sent all the awkward tweets. There’s a difference between letting a celebrity know that you are aware of their presence, wanting them to notice you back (who doesn’t want that) and directly demanding their attention. I feel uncomfortable. I was perfectly happy living in ignorant bliss while they ignored each other. The flood gates are open now.

I’m not trying to be debbie downer, I’m just mildly concerned for the sanity of the fandom, with a touch of secondhand embarrassment. lol

Tip: throwing tomatoes at me will probably result in me throwing up because I hate tomatoes.

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DD in Santa Monica, 2011.